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Guest Information

Always a friendly and sociable atmosphere.

Members and guests appreciate the welcoming UMass environment, while respecting our customs and courtesies.

Get the quick facts about visiting our club!

Hours of Operation

The UMass Club is open Monday - Friday from 7:30am-9:00pm and Saturdays from 5:00pm-9:00pm

Dress Code

We request that members and guests use sound judgement when considering your outfit for:

  • A business meeting or club event
  • A formal dinner or a casual bite
  • A holiday celebration

Helpful dress code reminders:

  • Members, family of members, and guests are asked to wear attire appropriate for the occasion or event
  • Attire that is torn and/or in need of cleaning or repair, is not appropriate
  • Those not following dress code guidelines will be asked (nicely) to change or to leave the club

Guest Access, Privileges & Payment

  • Guests are welcome to visit the club when accompanied by a UMass Club member
  • Guests without a Member host may use club facilities if guest access has been arranged in advance
  • Cash payments for club services are not permitted, host member and guests must establish method of payment upon arrival
  • Members are ultimately responsible for charges incurred by sponsored guests.

Mobile Devices

  • Common sense is key with mobile devices at the club
  • Be discreet
  • Turn all devices to silent
  • Answer calls, email or message only when necessary (important or emergency situations)


  • Smoking is not permitted at The UMass Club.

Programs & Events

  • Guests of members are welcome to attend at all club programs and events
  • Guests must be accompanied by the host member at all club programs and events


  • Members and guests are expected to comply with club rules, including by-laws and house rules
  • Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests


  • Children under the age of 17 require adult supervision